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Looking for information about Saratoga Race Course? Find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions below.

Saratoga Race Track FAQ: Admission, Facilities, and More (1)

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Tickets & Reservations

How long is the Saratoga Race Course summer meet?

The2024 racing meetis 40 days long, and racing is conducted five days a week (except for the four-day opening weekend and the final week, which concludes on Labor Day). The season runs from Thursday, July 11 through Labor Day, which is Monday, September 2. Mondays and Tuesdays (with the exception of Labor Day) are commonly called Dark Days, as there's no racing.

Saratoga Race Track FAQ: Admission, Facilities, and More (2)

Is there reserved seating, or can I just sit wherever I want?

There isboth reserved seating and free-for-all seatingat the track.

Those who choose to picnic in the unreserved backyard grounds of the track can bring their own chairs or even a pop-up tent, and sit wherever they wish. Those who are hoping to get a picnic table can participate in the 7:00 AM rush when the track opens for breakfast, where many people claim their picnic table for later by putting a cooler or tablecloth on it. After you've "reserved" your spot, you can leave until just before the gates open for paid admission.

There are also reserved picnic tables in the Pick Six Picnic Paddock. These tables are limited to a maximum of six people each, and chairs, tents, and umbrellas are not allowed in this area.

Additionally, reserved tables are available in the Miller Time Fourstardave Sports Bar in the lower Carousel. These can accommodate two, four, and six people. Personal coolers and outside food and beverage are not permitted in the Miller Time Fourstardave Sports Bar.

Guests who want reserved seats in either the Grandstand or the Clubhouse, or a reserved picnic table, have to purchasereserved seating tickets.

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What is the cost of admission?

For 2024, NYRA has announced that Clubhouse and Grandstand admission will be one price, so fans will have access to both. The cost is $7 daily when purchased at least 24 hours in advance, and day-of admission is $10.

Travers Day admission prices are $25 in advance and $30 day-of, while supplies last.

Note: General admission does NOT grant you a seat - you must purchase reserved seating separately or in advance through Ticketmaster or by phone.

See more information about tickets and seating »

How can I purchase reserved seating?

Reserved seating can be purchased online in advance, by phone at 1-844-NYRA-TIX or on the day of (subject to availability). Single-day reserved seats are typically available as well.

See more information about tickets and seating »

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How do I make Saratoga Race Course dining reservations?

Single-day dining reservations within The Turf Terrace, The Club Terrace, and The Porch, can be made on

To reserve group hospitality areas, like the Stella Artois Spa Verandas, 1863 Club, Paddock Suite, Tailgate at the Turn, and Easy Goer, contact the NYRA Box Office at 844-697-2849

Is there a Will Call Box Office where I can leave tickets for friends to pick up?

There are three Will-Call pick-up stations at the race course: one each for the Clubhouse, Grandstand and Paddock. Visitors can call the Will Call Box Office at (844) 697-2849 to hold their tickets at a Will-Call window.

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Can any picnic areas be reserved?

A limited number of premiumpicnic tables can be reservedin the Pick Six Picnic Paddock for every day of the meet. Those who are up for the 7:00 AM dash, can "claim" a table in the general admission backyard area by throwing a tablecloth over it. Most track patrons honor this informal "reservation" practice, but NYRA security will not enforce should any disputes arise.

Is the track open for visitors to watch horses train in the spring?

The Oklahoma Training Track, located across the street from the Race Course, opens for spring training and spectators (typically in April). Visitors are welcome to watch the horses' morning workouts each day.

Special Events & Giveaways

What are the giveaways for 2024?

Check back for 2024 details!

There are fourgiveaway daysduring the 2024 meet at Saratoga. On these days, trackgoers are entitled to a free promotional gift with purchase of general admission while supplies last. Every year, there is a different lineup of giveaway items.

This year's will include a Cooler Jug giveaway on July 21, a Dri-Fit T-Shirt giveaway on August 11, a Bucket Hat giveaway on August 18, and a Tote Bag giveaway on September 1.

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When are season special event dates and details usually announced?

Racing dates like Opening Day, Travers, Closing Day etc. are usually announced by late February, while special event dates and details, like Fabulous Fillies Day, aren't announced until June-July.Get details on this year's special events »

What is steeplechase racing in Saratoga?

Steeplechase races incorporate obstacles and fence jumping, rather than traditional flat horse racing. The Steeplechase races happen on certain days during the meet.View the steeplechasing schedule for Saratoga here »


Is there any air-conditioning at the track?

Some locations are climate controlled:

  • Curlin Cafe
  • 1863 Club

Is there any Internet connection available at the track?

Yes, there is FREE Wi-Fi at the track. Fans can take advantage of this amenity when they are able to return to the Race Course.

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Are there designated handicapped seating areas, services, and parking?

All NYRA lots have handicapped accessible parking spaces available. (A license plate, sticker or other handicapped-parking permit, hanging from rear-view mirror - the standard documentation of the need - is required in order to use these spaces.)

NYRA also offers accessible seating options. To learn more about accessible seating, visit or call NYRA at (800) 814-7846 or (518) 584-6200 ext. 3568. Service animals are permitted at the track.

There are also no motorized vehicles or scooters available for rent at the Race Course, so any desired arrangements for such services must be made separately.

For the most up to date info, please visit NYRA's accessible seating & services guide »

Contact Info & Employment

How do I contact the Saratoga Race Course?

For information prior to the season, call (718) 641-4700 or (516) 488-6000 or visit For information or questions during the Saratoga Racing Season, call (518) 584-6200.

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How do I get a job at Saratoga Race Course?

NYRA typically holds aJob Fairin June prior to the racing season to fill open positions at Saratoga Race Course. If you want to apply, or if you have specific questions, you can contact NYRA directly.

Arrival & Parking

What are my travel options for getting to Saratoga Race Course?

Saratoga Race Course is accessible by car from Interstate 87 and Interstate 90. You can also travel by air or train. Most flights will arrive atAlbany International Airportwhich is roughly 40 minutes south of Saratoga, however private plane charters and some regional flights can land at the Saratoga County Airport. Amtrak has services as well in the area.

You can also arrive to the track in style by bookinglimo transportationfrom the airport or train station.

Saratoga Race Track FAQ: Admission, Facilities, and More (9)

Where is the Saratoga Race Course located?

Saratoga Race Course, operated by NYRA (the New York Racing Association), is located between Union and Nelson Avenues in Saratoga Springs, New York, USA. The property is easily accessible by car from downtown Saratoga (Exit 13N), or directly via Exit 14 of Interstate 87. (Interstate 87 is known regionally as the Adirondack Northway, or simply, the Northway).Click here for more detailed driving directions »

Where should I park?

General parking for the track is free, but visitors can expect to walk a long way to get to the track itself. Those who bringcoolers, children or older folks - or attend the races in inclement weather - could find the walk a challenge, so there are also paid parking options.

NYRA offers preferred parking and trackside parking (details below), and those who go to the track from any direction but Exit 14 will see signs and people trying to wave you into their homemade parking lots. Lawns become lots, and as a general rule, the closer to the track, the more expensive the parking.

Preferred parking is available for a fee at the Oklahoma Training Track, which is at the corner of East Avenue and Union Avenue. Spaces there are limited, but it is worth it to arrive early to have a shorter walk. The gate to the preferred parking lot at the Oklahoma (on East Avenue) opens at 9 a.m.

Trackside parking is the most expensive paid parking option offered by Saratoga Race Course because it is the most convenient. The entrances for trackside parking are at the Union Avenue gate and next to the intersection of Nelson and Union (heading toward downtown). Gates open at 6:45 a.m.

Handicapped accessible parking spaces are available in all NYRA lots. Curbside drop off is not available.

See more parking details »

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When should I get to the track?

If you have reserved seats (tickets), you can arrive any time that you wish after the gates open. Parking is first-come-first-served, and the first post is in the early afternoon most days.

Breakfast at Saratogais a great way for trackgoers to enjoy the track before the races begin. Breakfast on The Porch of the Clubhouse at Saratoga Race Course is a really unique opportunity to watch the horses' morning workouts, while enjoying a delicious breakfast trackside.

Attire & What's Allowed

Saratoga Race Track FAQ: Admission, Facilities, and More (11)

What should I wear?

There are different dress code policies, depending on where you are enjoying the races at Saratoga Race Course when spectators are allowed to attend. Here's a quick reference guide:

Paddock Saddling Area and Winner's Circle
No shorts or abbreviated wear permitted.
Gentlemen: collared shirts required.

Box Seat Area
Gentlemen: Suits or sports jackets encouraged on weekdays, required on weekends. No jeans or shorts.
Ladies: Dresses, skirts or slacks. No jeans, shorts, rompers, or abbreviated wear permitted.

1863 Club
The Rail: Jackets and blazers are optional. Cargo shorts, halter tops, midriff tops, athletic wear, t-shirts, frayed or torn denim or shorts, and tennis shoes are not permitted. Vests, shirts with collars, polo shirts, dresses, sweaters, pantsuits, dress jeans, dress shorts, and slacks are appropriate.

The dress code does not apply to children under the age of 12, but is encouraged.

Legends Hall & Suites: Neat casual attire. No short shorts, cut-offs, or abbreviated wear. Gentlemen: no tank tops. Collared shirts required. Suits or sports jackets are optional.

No short shorts, cut-offs, tank tops, or abbreviated wear permitted.
Proper attire at management's discretion.

Shirts and shoes required.

Dining Areas:

Turf Terrace
No jeans, shorts or abbreviated wear permitted. No sneakers or flip-flops.
Gentlemen: Collared shirts required.
Ladies: Dresses, skirts, or slack outfits.
Children ages 3-12: Neat casual.
Management reserves the right to use its discretion to determine "neat casual" attire.

The Porch, Club Terrace and the Easy Goer
Neat Casual Attire
Gentlemen: No tank tops.
No short-shorts, cut-offs or abbreviated wear permitted.
Proper attire is determined at management's discretion.

The Cutwater Stretch
Jackets and ties are not required.
Stylish casual attire encouraged.

See a visual guide to dress codes at Saratoga Race Course »

Are dogs allowed at the racetrack?

No pets of any kind are allowed at the track, except service animals, which are those necessary for medical purposes (ie. seeing-eye dog). (This is a practical rule: safety first is essential. NYRA needs to assure the comfort and safety of everyone involved, horses and humans.)

Saratoga Race Track FAQ: Admission, Facilities, and More (12)

Are coolers permitted?

Coolers (max size 12" x 18") are permitted on the trackside apron and at the Top of the Stretch. Larger coolers are allowed in the backyard area. ALL GLASS CONTAINERS ARE PROHIBITED: you may bring in plastic bottles and cans, only. Coolers are subject to search by NYRA security.

Are grills permitted in the picnic area?

No. The use of small propane grills and charcoal grills are NOT permitted in the picnic area or any other area within the track.

Saratoga Race Track FAQ: Admission, Facilities, and More (2024)


Saratoga Race Track FAQ: Admission, Facilities, and More? ›

Saratoga Race Course Fast Facts:

What can you bring into Saratoga Race Track? ›

Coolers (max size 12" x 18") are permitted on the trackside apron and at the Top of the Stretch. Larger coolers are allowed in the backyard area. ALL GLASS CONTAINERS ARE PROHIBITED: you may bring in plastic bottles and cans, only. Coolers are subject to search by NYRA security.

Can you bring your own breakfast to Saratoga Race Track? ›

Can I bring my own food/drink into the track? You can bring all the food and drink you want! However, coolers (max size 12" x 18") are only permitted on the trackside apron and at the Top of the Stretch.

What is general admission at Saratoga Race Track? ›

General Admission tickets at Saratoga provide access to the Rivers Casino Backyard, apron, Grandstand, and Clubhouse. Single-day General Admission and GA Season Passes are on sale now! Children 12 and under are admitted free with accompanying parent or guardian and do not require an admission ticket.

What time do the gates open at Saratoga Race Course? ›

View daily admission pricing information. Gates open at 11am each day, aside from Runhappy Travers Day which opens at 7 am.

Can you wear jeans to Saratoga Race Track? ›

No jeans, shorts or abbreviated wear permitted. Gentlemen – collared shirts required. Management reserves the right to use its discretion to determine Neat Casual Attire. No short-shorts, cut-offs or abbreviated wear permitted.

What snacks to take to the race track? ›

Essential Speedway Snacks

And to stay refreshed, a cold beer or soda is a must, helping fans stay cool as the race heats up. Popcorn is another quintessential racetrack snack that no fan can resist. The aroma of freshly popped kernels wafts through the air, enticing spectators to grab a bag to munch on during the race.

Is Saratoga Race Track cashless? ›

The festival will be largely cashless; NYRA says cash won't be accepted "for food and beverage purchases, admission, parking or programs (with the exception of the official Saratoga store)" during the event.

How much is parking at Saratoga Race Track? ›

General parking lots are free every racing day. You can expect a long walk to the track and difficulty finding spots on popular race days. Gate A is the closest gate to the General Parking area and provides access to the Grandstand.

Where is the best place to sit at Saratoga Race Track? ›

I grew up going to the track, not a big gambler but enjoy a good bet and watching the horses. This was the first time we had grandstand seats, very good seats close to the rail, grat views of the whole track. Normally we just get a picnic table, bring a cooler and enjoy the day.

Do you need cash to bet at Saratoga? ›

Just insert a betting voucher, winning mutuel ticket, cash (where available), or swipe your NYRA Cash Card or NYRA Bets Account Card and enjoy the convenience and privacy of do-it-yourself wagering. Always double check your tickets before leaving the window or self-service terminal.

Can you reserve a table at Saratoga Race Track? ›

There are two options for reserving tables at Saratoga Race Course for small groups. Single-day table inquiries can be made online via the NYRA website.

Is there free seating at Saratoga Race Track? ›

Depending on your preference, Saratoga Race Course features free-for-all seating and reserved seating. For the price of general admission, you can enjoy sitting in the backyard picnic areas where there are televisions and tables. Each race day morning, people line up outside the Track at 7:00am.

What should I pack for Saratoga? ›

Gentlemen: suits or sports jackets required (ties are not required). Ladies: dresses, skirts or slack outfits. The Porch, Club Terrace & The Easy Goer: Neat Casual Attire. Gentlemen: No tank tops; no short shorts, cut-offs or abbreviated wear.

Can I bring a cooler into Saratoga Performing Arts Center? ›

Grounds: To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all SPAC visitors and staff, all containers and packages will be inspected. This includes coolers, baskets, tote bags, purses, diaper bags, strollers, and all other containers.

Can you bring pop-up tents to Saratoga race Track? ›

Pop-Up Tents and umbrellas are prohibited on the Apron, along the Paddock, Horse Path, in and around the Clubhouse/Grandstand building and in the reserved picnic table area in the Backyard. NYRA Management reserves the right to remove items that obstruct views, impede fan safety, or feature competing sponsor logos.

What are the purses at Saratoga race track? ›

NYRA previously announced the purse of the Belmont Stakes will increase from $1.5 million to $2 million in 2024. In addition, NYRA has increased the purse of the Manhattan (G1) from $750,000 to $1 million and boosted the New York (G1) from $600,000 to $750,000.


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