What are the factors affecting the loan portfolio of a bank? (2024)

What are the factors affecting the loan portfolio of a bank?

The creditworthiness of the borrowers, industry trends, economic conditions, and regulatory environment are critical factors that influence the credit risk exposure of the portfolio.

What are the 4 factors influencing bank lending?

The study reveals that volume of deposits, GDP at market price, foreign exchange, and investment portfolio have statistically significant impact on aggregate loans and advances of commercial banks in Nigeria. Thus, interest rate, liquidity ratio, and cash reserve ratio do not influence bank lending in Nigeria.

What does a loan portfolio consist of?

A loan portfolio is the totality of all loans issued by a bank or other financial institution to its customers. The portfolio can consist of both safe and risky loans. A diversified loan portfolio should contain a mix of different borrowers and industries to minimise the risk of losses.

What are the risk in a loan portfolio?

Interdependence/affiliation risk needs to be considered on an individual loan basis and for the portfolio. This type of evaluation may deem individual loans to pose too much risk after evaluating the interdependency risk combined with items such as credit factors, loan size, terms, and quality of collateral.

What are the indicators of loan portfolio quality?

This step involves measuring and monitoring the loan portfolio performance and quality, using various indicators and metrics, such as the loan growth rate, the loan yield, the loan-to-deposit ratio, the non-performing loan (NPL) ratio, the loan loss provision ratio, the loan loss reserve ratio, the loan recovery rate, ...

What are the 5 C's of bank lending?

Lenders also use these five Cs—character, capacity, capital, collateral, and conditions—to set your loan rates and loan terms.

What are the 4 C's of banking?

Concept 86: Four Cs (Capacity, Collateral, Covenants, and Character) of Traditional Credit Analysis. The components of traditional credit analysis are known as the 4 Cs: Capacity: The ability of the borrower to make interest and principal payments on time.

How do you analyze a loan portfolio?

Review the composition of the loan portfolio by type, dollar volume, and percentage of capital. Determine whether specialty-lending areas exist, including any new loan types, and assign responsibility for completing appropriate reviews. Refer to individual Loan Reference modules for additional procedures.

What is a bank portfolio loan?

A portfolio loan is a loan that a lender will keep in their portfolio, instead of selling to the secondary market. A primary reason that these lenders keep the loans in their portfolio is to provide a lending option to those who may not fit secondary market eligibility guidelines and to help the local community.

What is loan portfolio management in banking?

Loan portfolio management is the process by which risk inherent in the lending process are managed and controlled. This 5-day course will introduce participants to the framework of credit risk management. They will learn how to identify the various types of risk and techniques and tools for mitigating this risk.

How do you manage a loan portfolio?

The key idea of loan portfolio management is to keep covariance risk at a minimum. The basic principle is: diversify your loan portfolio over a large number of clients with different risk profiles. Then, if one risk factor turns out negative, not all the portfolio will be affected.

How do you manage a loan portfolio effectively?

Monitor Portfolio Performance: Analyze the loan portfolio regularly to identify trends and potential risks. Monitor delinquency rates, default rates, and other key performance indicators. By identifying potential issues early, you can mitigate them.

What is portfolio risk in banks?

Portfolio risk is a term used to describe the potential loss of value or decline in the performance of an investment portfolio due to various factors, including market volatility, credit defaults, interest rate changes, and currency fluctuations.

What is the portfolio quality of a bank?

The Portfolio Quality Analysis (PQA) tool is a written analysis of the most important trends and issues regarding the total loan portfolio or any sub-segment of interest (by product, customer characteristics, loan officer etc.)

How do you identify risk in a portfolio?

Portfolio structure, including asset allocation and security-specific characteristics, are key in determining and managing risk. Common measures of risk include standard deviation, beta, tracking error, and drawdowns.

How do you measure portfolio risk?

Standard Deviation statistically measures the variation of specific returns to the average of those returns. The portfolio risk is also measured by taking the Standard Deviation of variance of actual returns of that portfolio over time. The variability of returns is proportional to the portfolio's risk.

What are 3 factors that impact lending decisions?

Factors that contribute to loan decisions
  • How you will use the loan. Lenders want to make sure you're using the right product for your needs. ...
  • The amount of financing you're seeking. ...
  • Your business and personal credit profile. ...
  • Your capacity to repay. ...
  • Gather information before you start. ...
  • Work with an advisor. ...
  • Capacity. ...
  • Capital.
Feb 13, 2024

What are the six basic Cs of lending?

The 6 'C's — character, capacity, capital, collateral, conditions and credit score — are widely regarded as the most effective strategy currently available for assisting lenders in determining which financing opportunity offers the most potential benefits.

What do you think is the most important consideration of banks in approving a loan?

A lender's primary concern is whether your daily operations will generate enough cash to repay the loan. Cash flow shows how your major cash expenditures relate to your major cash sources.

What are the Big Four when it comes to banking?

The “big four banks” in the United States are JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citibank. These banks are not only the largest in the United States, but also rank among the top banks worldwide by market capitalization, with JPMorgan Chase being the most valuable bank in the world.

What four main areas do lenders review to qualify a loan applicant?

While different lenders may have their own specific qualifications for securing a home loan, there are four main factors that they'll review and analyze during the mortgage underwriting process. These main factors are credit, capacity, capital, and collateral.

What are canons of lending?

Canons of lending means the general standards or the set of principles which any lending institutions would follow when processing credit facilities for their clients Purpose of the credit  The borrowing customer has to disclose to his banker the object of the borrowing.

How do you audit a loan portfolio?

Loan Portfolio Audit
  1. Field investigation and cross-checking of portfolio data, reporting and client awareness for credit transactions and overdue tracking.
  2. Analysis of policies to manage credit risk.
  3. Examination of operational processes and policies for. loan origination, disbursal and recovery. various control systems.

What is loan portfolio monitoring?

Continuous monitoring of the loan portfolio allows stakeholders to quickly determine, by review of electronic records, any activities or conditions that require attention before they become problems.

What is the loan portfolio classification?

The loan portfolio shall be classified based on the review of the following information (a) the original amount of the credit facility, terms, interest rate, current balance and status, and purpose of the credit facility; (b) the business of the borrower, balance sheets, income statements, cash flows and other ...

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